To Begin

Deviled Eggs

chicken crackling, pickled beech mushroom $9


gruyere, onion, braised pork, honey crisp applesauce $11

Blackened Diver Scallops

savannah red rice, pickled shrimp, brown butter vinaigrette $17

Shrimp & Grits

white corn grits, andouille, tomato stew $18

Southern Charcuterie Board

chef selection $15


Chicken Pot Pie

chicken thigh, parsnips, puff pastry $25

Fish and Chips

buttermilk remoulade, malt vinegar, house cut fries $25

Pork Chop

roasted parsnip, charred broccolini, sweet potato puree $29

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

garlic mashed potato, hot sauce $25

Wiener Schnitzel

breaded veal, Austrian potato salad, braised red cabbage $27


+ chicken breast $7 | + salmon $10 | + shrimp $9

Brussels & Kale

toasted almond, parmesan, bacon, maple tahini vinaigrette $15

Simple Greens

pear, dried apricot, pecan, shallot, honey vinaigrette $14


Potato Chowder

bacon, herb oil, frites $8

Cream of Tomato

olive oil, chili flakes $8

Butternut Squash

crème fraiche, pepitas $8

Farm Sides

Roasted Root Vegetables

parsnip, carrots, fennel, raita, cashew, curry $9

Mac ‘n Cheese

mornay sauce, penne pasta $9


stewed figs, almonds, black pepper ricotta mousse $9

Brussels Sprouts

lardon, parmesan, breadcrumbs $9